Explanatory Introduction

The Waltz of War is a Master Planning project set in Melbourne's notorious Docklands. As part of the Landscape Architecture Masters studio; GAME ON, this blog will document Brock and Ben's progress throughout the semester. The concept is derived from two sources; 1. Risk. The popular boardgame based on the strategy of war and tactical aquisition of territory. 2. OMA's competition submission for the Parc De La Villette. The objective of The Waltz of War can distilled in 5 main points; - To develop a set of rules and constraints to generate an adaptable planning system - To challenge the definition of surrounding programs (of site) and their associated infrastruction - To test scenarios across multiple interventions - To design infrastructure based on the outcomes of scenario tests - To interact to enable the constant definition and and redefinition of territory Comments and feedback appreciated.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Combined Spaghetti Diagram

The diagrams below were an exercise undertaken to better understand the similarities and differences between the docklands site and the two precedents. The combination diagram of the three originals resulted in a list of characteristics or objectives for which the masterplanning would adhere to. From this list, a series of rules were established. (See Rules post)

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